Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Blow Off

Something that has been physically annoying me for the past week and a half is the machinery that is running every morning without fail throughout downtown. They were even doing it that morning the wind and storm came through Not only is it a complete waste of time and money to blow off every square inch of downtown with a back pack blower, that sound along with the big street sucking machine is not the most pleasant thing to be bombarded with every morning between 4:30 and 6:00 in the morning. Leaves aren't falling and I suspect its only being done because nobody realizes it except the guy with the blower blowing yesterdays air off the sidewalk. He's not going to say anything, because who wants to tell their boss their job is unnecessary. Surely there is something more productive they could be doing like blowing off yesterdays air in ashley park.
S. Lunsford

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Common Core in Coweta Schools

Ut ohhh... I feel sorry for those of you with younguns in the Coweta County School System if this thing is actually implemented.

Common Core finds support in Coweta schools

Common Core is an emotional and timely issue in education right now and three Coweta teachers recently weighed in on its impact in their classrooms.
G. Mims

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parents of Teens

I have to vent on something! Ok parents please stop letting your teenagers do whatever they want and dress like strippers and then wonder why there 15 years old with two kids with 2 different Boys. My daughter will have a combination to get into her jeans! These little girls are trashy looking. Come on now!  M.Smith

Sonic in Newnan

Does anyone know where the new Sonic is going to be built?...and rumor has it tha Newnan is getting a Krispy Kreme...

Rudeness To Waitress

We tried a local restaurant downtown Newnan today and had a very good meal. The young girl who waited on us was learning the ropes of waitressing, and was very polite and pleasant. An older couple, probably in their late sixties, came in and sat near us. When their food arrived, the woman was rather rude to the waitress, stating, "i need these eggs fixed! This is NOT how I ordered them!" The young girl became nervous and flustered, and quickly came back with a new order of eggs. The older lady never said thank you or even made eye contact with the young girl. When the waitress stopped back later to check is everything was ok, the response she received was an irritated "mmmhuh". Lady, I hope you see this post, and I hope I never become the miserable person you are. Your action were low class and could have easily been handled in a polite manner, and had that been MY daughter you were speaking to in that manner, I would have probably purchased a rear seat tour of Greison Trail.       Ann

Local Corner Drug Dealers

funny/sad vent......dang,local corner drug dealers have no shame......if you don't want their products,their willing to buy yours off you........TRUE STORY.......told one no thank you as I was leaving Rite aid.....ask me if I wanted to sale mine......who know there was a black market for crestor and plavix!     Cathy

CVS pharmacy

Okay, here's a vent...I had used the CVS pharmacy out on Temple for quite some time. I have several monthly medications which I've always received alerts about when they were ready for me. At the beginning of last week, I used the My Chart service to ask my PCP if he could call in some clindamycin for an abscessed tooth. Although I have medical insurance, I do not have dental and really couldn't afford 2 trips to my dentist. Every day I kept looking to see if anything had been updated-no results. Last Friday night the infection was causing such excruciating pain that I decided to go to the ER to get an antibiotic prescription-and yes, I realize that is clogging up the hospital with a non-emergency situation, but I did call my insurance company's 24 hr nurse line and was advised to seek immediate care as I am diabetic. I was sent back to the Fast Track area, and in a short time was informed that Dr. Vann had indeed called in the antibiotic on Wednesday and I could have already been on the road to killing the infection so I could have dental work done. They were able to get in touch with the 24 hour CVS so I could get my medicine that night. The following day I called CVS to inquire why I hadn't received a call or a text to let me know because I was signed up to receive these alerts months ago. The woman who answered the phone told me that, yes, I was signed up, but they didn't have my phone number. Really?? I told her that I have received alerts in the past, and all she could really say was that maybe I thought that was true, but they did NOT have my phone number. After going round and round for 20 minutes or so with her continuously arguing about my number, I finally decided just to take my prescription business elsewhere. Sandra


Now I have a vent & it's a big one! As wealthy as Newnan & Coweta County are, WE SHOULD NOT HAVE A KILL SHELTER! I think it's time we step up and change our animal shelter (pound) TO A NO KILL SHELTER!!  D.Jones

Smokey Rd/ Chandler Rd area as commercial

Can anyone fill me in on the county's plan to rezone the Smokey Rd/ Chandler Rd area as commercial? I saw a sign this morning about stopping it from happening, but I was unable to read it all. We can not allow this county to take away our farm lands.    K.Owens

Monday, August 12, 2013

Carry On Complaint

It irks the heck out of me that everyone tries to bring their luggage on the plane. Just pay the blooming 25 bucks and check your suitcase.

It slows down security when you drag all your crap through and slows down departure while you try to shove it in the overhead and end up checking it anyway. It also sucks when I have nowhere to put my laptop bag because the overhead is full of suitcases.

I need a drink.
Scott L.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Horror Hill

Any thoughts on Horror Hill and the county trying to shut it down?? Its been in business for nearly 30 years with no major incidents. Why does the county suddenly have a problem with it? C. Stanford

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Truitt Cathy / Ted Turner

Not that I uphold this man in any way but I remember when all the Christians were up in arms when Ted Turner made all his statements about religion and such. All the nonchristians were supportive. Now Tuitt Cathy makes a statement about his views and the Christians are supporting him and the non Christians are not. His personal views are not those of Chikfila but his own. Don't throw rocks at the company or those who work there because of his opinion. I dont remember anyone boycotting turner field or tbs. I'm a Christian and while I dont love homosexuality I am commanded by God to love everyone as I love myself. To love the sinner but the sin. I may not love it when my daughter disobeys me but I still love my daughter. Ok theres my soap box for the day.
J S Winkles/ Newnan

Bank Fees

Anyone else notice that Bank of Coweta is charging to cash a check on a person who has an account with them. My wife went up there to cash a personal check for her mother who has an account there(since it opened) and they wanted to charge my wife $5 to cash a $200 check. Man that bank is getting worse and worse. Bank of America and BB&T don't do that to their customers. Just saying, the banks are ridiculously in a bad way. I will not do business with banks like that....Regions is worse!
J. Shelnutt / Newnan

Chick-fil-A Kiss In

Here's my Vent... Mad because my 10 year old felt the need to ask why people were planning to do a kiss-in at Chick-fila. Why does a 10 year old have to worry about such things.
 C. Montgomery / Newnan

Obama supporters

Ok all of you Obama supporters, read this then justify voting for a documented liar... 
G. Mims / Newnan

wording of the amendments

Sometimes when I'm in the voting booth I just want to turn around and ask "am I the only one who doesn't understand what this is saying?" The wording of the amendments is ridiculous.
S. Shellnut /Newnan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coweta County Job Openings

Why don't they ever advertise any of the Government job openings in Coweta County any more? They used to put them in the paper and on the county website, now it seems like its just for people in the know. They haven't posted a job opening in years on the website. submitted by J. Smith

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sharpsburg Business Owner

In reply to vent regarding "the owner" of the shops in Sharpsburg is the one who has ruined the town.  Why would "the owner" want to ruin Sharpsburg??   He has promoted Sharpsburg all his life, his ancestors starting the town, and brought hundreds of people to shop in the town at the Spring and Fall Festivals.   This was great until the mayor found out that the government would give thousands of dollars to improve small towns.  He had no money to run "his" town so he hired staff and they got the grant.  Did he use the money to improve the town and help the people living there??  Such as sewage especially since the town's historic older buildings were built over a hundred years ago and cover the downtown and there is no place for septic tanks hence no toilets in the old post office, drug store, bank, etc.  No, he chose to beautify the city by ruining the "old town historic" look adding fancy sidewalks and cutting up the parking area so very few cars can park by the stores and ruining the entrances to residences.  Then, along come the ordinances that all shops must have handicap toilets!!!!  I wonder if they have to work??  Maybe the owner could just add them but say "out of order"????   So you see the mayor and his staff have a nice re-modeled office, drawing a nice salary to do nothing as there is nothing much to do in a "ruined town" but, hey, it is fun to put the blame on someone else.  By the way, "the owner"  cannot vote in Sharpsburg elections as his residence is out of city limits.

submitted by Bridges

Monday, July 30, 2012

Zombie drama brings life to small town

Zombie drama brings life to small town

Dog Poop

Seems there's a lot of fuss about dog poop lately. Whether it's people complaining about people not picking it up or people complaining about being ask to pick it up. When did this whole practice start? I never remember anyone picking up dog poop when I was a kid and somehow we survived, and had a lot less human mess than we do now! If I would have went around after a dog with a sack back then people would have probably thought me to be crazy. Now people just throw stuff down when they're done with it, what ever happened to that crying indian, I miss him. Submitted by NewnanGuide

Newnan City Managers

City Manger hires one Engineer Michael Klahr and he in turn hire three Engineers to do his job.the ones Michael Klahr hires are not even Certified. save that money City of Newnan.
Submitted by Charles S.

Friday, July 1, 2011

MOVE OVER if you see an ambulance or Fire Truck

Lindsey Webb wrote via Facebook

My vent for the day... EVERYONE MOVE OVER if you see an ambulance or Fire Truck.. Dont be like the blonde lady in front of me this morning, on her cell phone ignoring the sirens. Lady My dad was rushed to the hospital when he had a massive heart attack. I can tell you this.. If you did that when they were carring my dad I would of stopped and broke your phone. Just sayin!


Cindy Higginbotham wrote via Facebook

i would like to know if what i heard is true that they are bringing Shoney's resteraunt back to Newnan in the old Bugaboo resteraunt building can someone let me know if this is true

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wachovia customers

I am curious as to whether the other former Wachovia customers who have become Wells Fargo customers by virtue of the unfortunate acquisition are as UNHAPPY as I am? I was so pleased with Wachovia, and Wells Fargo is so awful. Wells Fargo has zero customer service and is now charging unbelievably high fees for everything. I am fed up! I am moving my accounts to Delta Community Credit Union this week!!! Julie Buie Williams