Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday alcohol sales

In Winona Lake, Wisconsin, it is illegal to eat ice cream at a counter on Sunday. And don't expect to order a slice of cherry pie a la mode in Kansas on the Lord's Day. No restaurant is allowed to serve it unless they're willing to run afoul of local police. Marbles, Dominoes, and yo-yos are also banned on Sundays in a handful of states. Maybe Georgia will finally come out of the dark ages on this antiquated law. I mean really so it's okay to get smashed in a restaurant on Sundays but you can't buy it to take it home and drink ? Ridiculous ! contributed by anonymous


Thank goodness the SPLOST passed with such a wide margin! It is an extension of something we and all the shoppers from out of town have already been paying. Our students will benefit from the wisdom of the voters! Posted by Citizen