Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parents of Teens

I have to vent on something! Ok parents please stop letting your teenagers do whatever they want and dress like strippers and then wonder why there 15 years old with two kids with 2 different Boys. My daughter will have a combination to get into her jeans! These little girls are trashy looking. Come on now!  M.Smith

Sonic in Newnan

Does anyone know where the new Sonic is going to be built?...and rumor has it tha Newnan is getting a Krispy Kreme...

Rudeness To Waitress

We tried a local restaurant downtown Newnan today and had a very good meal. The young girl who waited on us was learning the ropes of waitressing, and was very polite and pleasant. An older couple, probably in their late sixties, came in and sat near us. When their food arrived, the woman was rather rude to the waitress, stating, "i need these eggs fixed! This is NOT how I ordered them!" The young girl became nervous and flustered, and quickly came back with a new order of eggs. The older lady never said thank you or even made eye contact with the young girl. When the waitress stopped back later to check is everything was ok, the response she received was an irritated "mmmhuh". Lady, I hope you see this post, and I hope I never become the miserable person you are. Your action were low class and could have easily been handled in a polite manner, and had that been MY daughter you were speaking to in that manner, I would have probably purchased a rear seat tour of Greison Trail.       Ann

Local Corner Drug Dealers

funny/sad vent......dang,local corner drug dealers have no shame......if you don't want their products,their willing to buy yours off you........TRUE STORY.......told one no thank you as I was leaving Rite aid.....ask me if I wanted to sale mine......who know there was a black market for crestor and plavix!     Cathy

CVS pharmacy

Okay, here's a vent...I had used the CVS pharmacy out on Temple for quite some time. I have several monthly medications which I've always received alerts about when they were ready for me. At the beginning of last week, I used the My Chart service to ask my PCP if he could call in some clindamycin for an abscessed tooth. Although I have medical insurance, I do not have dental and really couldn't afford 2 trips to my dentist. Every day I kept looking to see if anything had been updated-no results. Last Friday night the infection was causing such excruciating pain that I decided to go to the ER to get an antibiotic prescription-and yes, I realize that is clogging up the hospital with a non-emergency situation, but I did call my insurance company's 24 hr nurse line and was advised to seek immediate care as I am diabetic. I was sent back to the Fast Track area, and in a short time was informed that Dr. Vann had indeed called in the antibiotic on Wednesday and I could have already been on the road to killing the infection so I could have dental work done. They were able to get in touch with the 24 hour CVS so I could get my medicine that night. The following day I called CVS to inquire why I hadn't received a call or a text to let me know because I was signed up to receive these alerts months ago. The woman who answered the phone told me that, yes, I was signed up, but they didn't have my phone number. Really?? I told her that I have received alerts in the past, and all she could really say was that maybe I thought that was true, but they did NOT have my phone number. After going round and round for 20 minutes or so with her continuously arguing about my number, I finally decided just to take my prescription business elsewhere. Sandra


Now I have a vent & it's a big one! As wealthy as Newnan & Coweta County are, WE SHOULD NOT HAVE A KILL SHELTER! I think it's time we step up and change our animal shelter (pound) TO A NO KILL SHELTER!!  D.Jones

Smokey Rd/ Chandler Rd area as commercial

Can anyone fill me in on the county's plan to rezone the Smokey Rd/ Chandler Rd area as commercial? I saw a sign this morning about stopping it from happening, but I was unable to read it all. We can not allow this county to take away our farm lands.    K.Owens

Monday, August 12, 2013

Carry On Complaint

It irks the heck out of me that everyone tries to bring their luggage on the plane. Just pay the blooming 25 bucks and check your suitcase.

It slows down security when you drag all your crap through and slows down departure while you try to shove it in the overhead and end up checking it anyway. It also sucks when I have nowhere to put my laptop bag because the overhead is full of suitcases.

I need a drink.
Scott L.