Sunday, September 26, 2010

How about some positive vents!!

Should the vent be used for all negative vents??  How about some positive vents!!  There are so many great reasons to live in Coweta County!!  Come on upbeat citizens - give us some happy food for thought today! :0)

Kim Melhouse

Friday, September 24, 2010

good ol boy attitude

As a newnan knight, I have a hard time accepting the good ol boy attitude of who you know and who how well off your family is. Stop riding the coat tails of your fathers and grandfathers, gain some integrity, and make your own way it this big world. Try all this with a smile and a little compassion for your fellow neighbor. Stop with greed and the self centered attitude where everything revolves around big money to others expense. You will find that laying your head down at night will be easier.


What ever happened to young ladies acting like young ladies?

What ever happened to young ladies acting like young ladies?  My family and I went to the ECHS Homecoming Game tonight and wow have things changed since I was in high school!!!  I would lay money on the fact that there were no less than 100 girls ages 14-17 walking around in sports bras and extremely short shorts with their stomachs painted.  Really?  There were even adults with a booth set up to paint these young girls!!  I was in utter shock that the school would allow this to go on. There was no way in the world that we as students would have been able to represent our school at a function like that back in my high school days.  I am very disappointed that the school officials allow these things to go on!!! 

Sporting Goods Store

To the certain sporting goods store that claims they are barely making any money on their handguns and couldn't possibly go any lower but yet you can go across town and get the same gun for $200.00 less maybe you should go there and buy them !

Drive Thru

People when you are in the drive thru please be aware that there are other people in line also ! Today a lady just sat there in front of the drive thru at Burger King not paying any attention as all the cars in front of her  had pulled on through she didn't even bother to look up from whatever she was doing to see if she needed to pull up for several minutes. Then when she got up to the window she pulled up just far enough so that I had to lean out the window to pay for my food and went back to whatever she was doing. If you need to concentrate that hard on whatever you're doing pull to the side and get out of the way !

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Pull up your pants !

As I go about my business, I often see young boys and men with jeans or pants hanging really low on their hips , darn near showing all their family jewels.

Well, I was watching Judge Greg Mathis last week and he explained how that was started. I think many people will change that habit if they know.
Judge Mathis said when young men go to prison, no one gets clothes that fit them and the inmates are not allowed to have belts. Thus their pants hang low on their rears. But some men (boys) in prison like wearing them very low on their hips because those are the guys looking for a new boyfriend.
Golly kids, you don’t want us to thinking that about you do you?

Friday, September 3, 2010

Could Be Worse

No matter how "bad" Newnan might will ALWAYS be better than PTC. Jason T.

Times Herald

We need to hold these people accountable. Join the Facebook page and send  a message. submitted by Lisa C.