Thursday, August 16, 2012

Truitt Cathy / Ted Turner

Not that I uphold this man in any way but I remember when all the Christians were up in arms when Ted Turner made all his statements about religion and such. All the nonchristians were supportive. Now Tuitt Cathy makes a statement about his views and the Christians are supporting him and the non Christians are not. His personal views are not those of Chikfila but his own. Don't throw rocks at the company or those who work there because of his opinion. I dont remember anyone boycotting turner field or tbs. I'm a Christian and while I dont love homosexuality I am commanded by God to love everyone as I love myself. To love the sinner but the sin. I may not love it when my daughter disobeys me but I still love my daughter. Ok theres my soap box for the day.
J S Winkles/ Newnan

Bank Fees

Anyone else notice that Bank of Coweta is charging to cash a check on a person who has an account with them. My wife went up there to cash a personal check for her mother who has an account there(since it opened) and they wanted to charge my wife $5 to cash a $200 check. Man that bank is getting worse and worse. Bank of America and BB&T don't do that to their customers. Just saying, the banks are ridiculously in a bad way. I will not do business with banks like that....Regions is worse!
J. Shelnutt / Newnan

Chick-fil-A Kiss In

Here's my Vent... Mad because my 10 year old felt the need to ask why people were planning to do a kiss-in at Chick-fila. Why does a 10 year old have to worry about such things.
 C. Montgomery / Newnan

Obama supporters

Ok all of you Obama supporters, read this then justify voting for a documented liar... 
G. Mims / Newnan

wording of the amendments

Sometimes when I'm in the voting booth I just want to turn around and ask "am I the only one who doesn't understand what this is saying?" The wording of the amendments is ridiculous.
S. Shellnut /Newnan

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Coweta County Job Openings

Why don't they ever advertise any of the Government job openings in Coweta County any more? They used to put them in the paper and on the county website, now it seems like its just for people in the know. They haven't posted a job opening in years on the website. submitted by J. Smith