Friday, July 1, 2011

MOVE OVER if you see an ambulance or Fire Truck

Lindsey Webb wrote via Facebook

My vent for the day... EVERYONE MOVE OVER if you see an ambulance or Fire Truck.. Dont be like the blonde lady in front of me this morning, on her cell phone ignoring the sirens. Lady My dad was rushed to the hospital when he had a massive heart attack. I can tell you this.. If you did that when they were carring my dad I would of stopped and broke your phone. Just sayin!


Cindy Higginbotham wrote via Facebook

i would like to know if what i heard is true that they are bringing Shoney's resteraunt back to Newnan in the old Bugaboo resteraunt building can someone let me know if this is true

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wachovia customers

I am curious as to whether the other former Wachovia customers who have become Wells Fargo customers by virtue of the unfortunate acquisition are as UNHAPPY as I am? I was so pleased with Wachovia, and Wells Fargo is so awful. Wells Fargo has zero customer service and is now charging unbelievably high fees for everything. I am fed up! I am moving my accounts to Delta Community Credit Union this week!!! Julie Buie Williams

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

The new red light on the bypass

The new red light on the bypass is so screwed up people coming from town gets left arrow longer than people headed to town and to get on the bypass . lets get this fixed
Thomas Wood

I miss the old Newnan

Vent #2 - (this is kinda therapeutic, and theres nothing better than FREE therapy) haha ok but seriously.... back to my vent.... - I love Newnan but I miss the old Newnan. So many small businesses have went under and are continuing to go under. It's sad. Before long we are going to be some huge city, and it makes me sad. I remember years ago, when Newnan was small, and there were no BIG stores here. When you went out, most people knew each other, traffic was a breeze for the most part, it was safe, and really kinda just a nice, quiet southern place to live. Now its hectic, traffic is horrible, too many people here, too many red lights that aren't synched, it's a nightmare. I hate having to leave my house to go anywhere now. Whats something you miss about old Newnan? How it used to be here? Let's reminisce.... Valarie Hayes via Facebook

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Art Walk

I enjoy things like the art walk downtown, it encourages people to visit local businesses while seeing the work of local artists. why not a day long event downtown with music & vendors, utilizing the parks and court square as venues for shows put on every couple of hours culminating with an evening concert at the auditorium, encouraging people to walk around town and see what the local business and music scene has to offer. vendors could have booths all over town selling merchandise, turn the entire town into a festival for a Saturday... Clay Perry

Coweta County best deal

Wish it wasn't announced that Coweta County is the best deal to live in for Georgia. Now everyone will come & we already knew it! Angie Whitlock

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Georgias Immigration Law

Every state needs to have a similar law since the federal government seems unable or unwilling to do anything. Illegals are deteriorating this country. Our kids get less of an education by being forced to teach in a second language. If you want to pay for their medical, schooling their anchor babies get out your checkbook. How many people do you think are killed or injured every year by illegals with no drivers license and no business driving?.. a lot, I could list 3 I know of right now.  Enough... deport every last one of them and close the borders. If you can't follow the laws you have no business being here, we have enough criminals of our own. And why is it the ACLU only seems concerned when they can defend the rights of a criminal ? Yes they are hard workers but some of our own lazy Americans need to step up to the plate and take some of these jobs. How is it that so many Americans cannot find work but all these "immigrants" can come here and not even speak English but have no problem finding a job ? Wake up and smell the coffee America if you want to keep it. To many Americans have fought hard and made sacrifices to give us what we have for anyone to take it for granted. It's time to stop spending taxpayer money to support them and do something to fix the problem.
contributed by A.C.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Overly cautious drivers

Sometimes I think overly cautious drivers are just as dangerous as the crazy drivers stop hesitating and go!

Coweta Vietnam Veterans

Thank you to All the Coweta Vietnam Veterans who served in our armed forces.So many were young but patriotic and gave up so much. They all deserve to have a United States Flag flown over the U.S. Capitol in thier honor of thier service and present to them. This can be done Coweta!! Let's get together!!

For any of you who do not salute ALL of our Coweta Veterans, please pack up and move to another county!! Thanks!!

Posted by Dakin Caimbeul

Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is contagious, make the world a better place by performing a random act of kindness every day.
Here are some ideas.....Random Acts of Kindness

Saturday, May 28, 2011

"Graduation" Block Party in Senoia

This sounds like just another excuse for all the thugs to get together . Kinda a mini Freaknik in Senoia. What a joke, who would approve a permit for something like this. They had to call in Fayette County and Coweta Deputies to clear them out last year. Notice the "related videos" that are puled up when you play it.

Friday, May 27, 2011

The problem with Newnan

The problem with newnan and coweta county is the same now as it has always been. if you dont go to church with, sleep with, work with, are in business with, drink with or are married to or related to any of the "powers that be" you are treated poorly and have no voice, and god help you if you try to do anything not approved of. if you do they will rain down on you like a hurricane.

contributed by via Facebook C. Perry

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Times Herald

Why are all these people waging personal attacks against the Times-Herald ?? I think they do a pretty good job of reporting with a fair balanced viewpoint. What have they done to make these people so against them ? Anyway if you don't like it don't read it !

posted by anonymous

Saturday, April 30, 2011

Child Support

Can anyone explain to me why you can not call and talk to anyone at the Child Support Enforcement office? You have to go over every time there is a problem (which I have had many) or even to ask a question. I know of NO OTHER State office you can not call.

Also this past week I had to go over on Tuesday and was told they had been off the past two business days (the Friday and on the Monday) The Friday was a Furlough day and the Monday was for a holiday? Confederate Memorial Day. Does this not make any sense to anyone else? Why would they have a Furlough day and then have a Holiday that no one else does or I've heard no mention of. The US Post office ran and was open. Maybe the state budget can be balanced if some of the holidays that aren't observed by any other business be used as a Holiday off from work. Then there wouldn't be a need for Furlough days

The Bypass

Will the bypass lane additions between 29 and Bullsboro ever be finished, by the time they finish we'll need 2 more lanes ! And that ditch across the road where you turn into Food Lion is eventually going to swallow a car, been that way over a year !

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Nulink must have taken a direct hit during the storm the cable ,internet, phone was out all day ! Gave up on trying to call.


Will the 4 lane of the Bypass ever be finished ??? Hopefully before the pothole at 29 and the bypass swallow the whole intersection !

Friday, March 18, 2011

Sunday alcohol sales

In Winona Lake, Wisconsin, it is illegal to eat ice cream at a counter on Sunday. And don't expect to order a slice of cherry pie a la mode in Kansas on the Lord's Day. No restaurant is allowed to serve it unless they're willing to run afoul of local police. Marbles, Dominoes, and yo-yos are also banned on Sundays in a handful of states. Maybe Georgia will finally come out of the dark ages on this antiquated law. I mean really so it's okay to get smashed in a restaurant on Sundays but you can't buy it to take it home and drink ? Ridiculous ! contributed by anonymous


Thank goodness the SPLOST passed with such a wide margin! It is an extension of something we and all the shoppers from out of town have already been paying. Our students will benefit from the wisdom of the voters! Posted by Citizen

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Development of Regional Impact

Dr. Jack Powell to build a new strip shopping center on Bullsboro with a new automobile dealership - a "Development of Regional Impact" contributed by J.B. via facebook link to Fayette Citizen Article

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Get some rock salt , save a lawsuit

 Local business owners should be a little more prepared for snow and ice, the sidewalks and parking areas around town were terrible with the ice storm. Keep a few bags of Halite Salt on hand and avoid a lawsuit ! This stuff melted my driveway in 5 min after it had been frozen 4 days.