Saturday, April 30, 2011

Child Support

Can anyone explain to me why you can not call and talk to anyone at the Child Support Enforcement office? You have to go over every time there is a problem (which I have had many) or even to ask a question. I know of NO OTHER State office you can not call.

Also this past week I had to go over on Tuesday and was told they had been off the past two business days (the Friday and on the Monday) The Friday was a Furlough day and the Monday was for a holiday? Confederate Memorial Day. Does this not make any sense to anyone else? Why would they have a Furlough day and then have a Holiday that no one else does or I've heard no mention of. The US Post office ran and was open. Maybe the state budget can be balanced if some of the holidays that aren't observed by any other business be used as a Holiday off from work. Then there wouldn't be a need for Furlough days

The Bypass

Will the bypass lane additions between 29 and Bullsboro ever be finished, by the time they finish we'll need 2 more lanes ! And that ditch across the road where you turn into Food Lion is eventually going to swallow a car, been that way over a year !

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Nulink must have taken a direct hit during the storm the cable ,internet, phone was out all day ! Gave up on trying to call.


Will the 4 lane of the Bypass ever be finished ??? Hopefully before the pothole at 29 and the bypass swallow the whole intersection !