Friday, July 30, 2010

Government spending by both Coweta County and the City of Newnan is an outrage

Government  spending by both Coweta County and the City of Newnan is an outrage. Building parks  when the schools dont even have enough books for all the kids, and if you just have to build parks why not out of the city limits in the West side of coweta around the Western School area. Plus after sitting in  State court of coweta county one day i want to know what happens to all the money from fines. I have done this several times just to see how much they take in more people need to go see just how much. Plus one family I talked with was there with their son. He had been arrested last year for reckless driving and speeding after I talked with this young man I found out that another car was trying to run him off the road and that they had caught the other driver also. And that the arresting officer agreed that the charges should be dropped against him. But the state would not drop it knowing that he was running for his life for all he knew. Robert Stokely how could your office not drop the charges. GREED!!!!!!! And then told he needed to find another way to handle the way he did that night should he have pulled over (he didnt know the other drive) he could have been shot or beat up. He tried to let the guy go past him but the guy slowed and tried to run him off the road. What would you do? He was just trying to make it home where he would be safe he hoped. No wonder people who have been raised here are wanting to move away. Thank God I am not from Newnan and live outside of Coweta. But I have family that do and feel sorry for them that have to put up with such stupid people in power and their stupid spending and their greed what happened to small town Newnan and Coweta that I love to visit as a child Why are they acting like they want to become another Atlanta or Old National.
Jacee Phillips

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jury Duty

You would think the Clerk of the Court would like for people to volunteer to be jurors. I asked if they had some type of list for people who WANTED to do the service and they said NO....only every 2 years can you serve. Why? Most people do not like it. I would do it once a month if they would let me. PR

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tax Dollars at Work

So Coweta County Prison has purchased equipment to "spy" on its employees from home. They sit and watch from their laptop at home while off duty. Then they call officers while working and let them know "I am watching you".  Sounds like invasion of privacy to me.  Will they be watching the bathrooms next?  What a way to spend taxpayer money! Anonymous via email

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Coweta County Superior Clerk's Office

The Coweta County Superior Clerk's Office needs to practice on their professionalism. There is no need for rudeness and sarcasm from employees. You are no better than I treat people as you wish to be treated!   P.R.

Monday, July 12, 2010

coweta primary elections

Coweta County remember if you do not vote in the Primary, you are letting someone else choose who you vote for in November! Let's get some folks in there that will stop this unnessary spending...Like a lawsuit we didn't have anything to do. And put us some firefighters on the truck instead of white shirts riding all the county in their big white expeditions, Monday-Friday. Who is going to put the fires and rescue the injured? Renee Windom

To the George Kett Harper supporter

To the George Kett Harper supporter who is taking up David Stover campaign signs please stop. You are making Mr. Harper look bad and getting a lot of bad press for behaving in this manner. When you visit an area and put out Mr. Harper's campaign signs, you should not then take up his opponents. There are people who are watching. C.B.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

trash burning

When will the county do something about the home on Country Club Rd. (3rd house from the school on the Roscoe Rd. side) thats always burning household trash a couple of times each week after dark! Isn't the burn ban on until October.


Friday, July 2, 2010


Ladies when you are always posting pictures of your semi exposed breasts or yourself half naked on facebook you really can't complain when guys leave suggestive comments or try to pick you up ! posted by Anonymous

Run down house

 Renee L. When will the county make the owners of the run down house on Canongate Road at the golfball clean it up?? Such an eye sore!