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Jonathan Barrett wrote
That idiot Sarah Fay Campbell, reporter from the Times Herald, writes another slam article against Fischer Crossings. Getting caught in the cross hairs is NCG Cinemas, a family owned movie theater that sounds very nice, but, you know, it isn't owned by old Newnan, so the county along with the newspaper to back them up, keeps pounding away at them with negative PR.
posted April 21 at 8:50am

Monica O'Riley- fairly blatant slanted reporting. Every time I think I can't be shocked by those guys, they surprise me with how bad they are.

April 21 at 10:06am • Lisa Callen- I'm glad they are getting to open

April 22 at 6:29pm • Sarah Campbell- I think it's abundantly clear who the real idiots are. And it's certainly not me. I'm not sure what crazy fairy land you people live in, but everything you say, as far as I can tell, is COMPLETE BS.

April 22 at 10:55pm • Sarah Campbell- Every time I think I can't be shocked by Monica, Jonathan, and Lisa's delusional, speculative, fact-ignoring hypocrisy, they surprise me with how bad they are.

April 22 at 10:56pm • Jonathan Barrett- Crappy reporting is crappy reporting. You write like a slog. you don't check your facts and, the absolute worst thing about you, Sarah, as a reporter, is that you allow yourself to be used as a mouthpiece for the local government. That last... thing has to be the worst offense a reporter anywhere can do. Newspapers should be watchdogs, not PR outlets for government. You would fit nicely into Atlas Shrugged as one of the corrupted.

April 24 at 10:26am • Sarah Campbell- My goodness you certainly make an awful lot of assumptions (every single one of them wrong by the way) for someone who doesn't know me at all, and has shown himself to not only have a reckless disregard for facts, but to be totally terrified by them.

April 24 at 2:18pm • Sarah Campbell Not a single one of those things you say is true - but that's par for the course for you. You continue to spread your completely false drivel. I check my facts do you check yours???? You certainly like to spread lies about people. Which is bad enough, but to try and slander people who actually care about getting things right is the worst.

April 24 at 2:21pm • LikeUnlikeLisa Callen Sarah, I can't speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that you reported quite a few things wrong. I eye-witnessed that town hall event. I was right there and heard everything that was done and said.You reported that people said and did t...hings that in fact were done by other people. You lost all of your credibility with a tremendous amount of people who were shocked that you and the newspaper would be so corrupt. Why didn't you contact anyone and get statements? Why did you print that certain people did things/ said things that they didn't? Why was it even a story? What relevence did that meeting have as news for the county? It didn't. It was a pure malicious reporting for political reasons with you in the pocket of the local government. You and your friends aren't used to being challenged. You keep people scared to speak up. But no one is being quiet anymore.

April 25 at 8:12am • LikeUnlikeDavid Stover Can't all this be laid to rest and the attacks stopped?

April 25 at 9:12am • LikeUnlike • 2 peopleJonathan Barrett Ms Campbell, your professionalism is non-existent. Multiple people are telling you that you reported stories inaccurately. Instead of apologizing, you act juvenile. David, I know you have taken the high ground on that town hall story. That a a tribute to your character. However, it would be remiss to allow Sarah and the newspaper to be controlled by the local government/good ole' boy network. It is akin to those newspapers controlled by government in other countries like Iraq. They only allow printed what they want the citizens to know and they slant their reporting for their own benefits versus objectively reporting all sides. People are standing up against them now and it is refreshing to see in this county.

April 26 at 7:08am • LikeUnlikeMonica O'Riley I just have to agree with jonathan's sentiments.

April 26 at 8:01am • LikeUnlikeMonica O'Riley Wow, she made Barbie Beach front page news today. wonder why international opinion is that people down here are a bunch of ignorant rednecks. Really, come on. Barbie Beach? I'm embarrassed for the entire county on that one.

April 28 at 8:08am • LikeUnlike • 1 person

Sarah Campbell Well Lisa, I've already explained this to you before, but I'll do it again. I did call someone for comments, Mr. Stover. I would have liked to talk to Mrs. Bloedt but didn't get the chance, and didn't figure she would say anything different... from Mr. Stover. I couldn't call anyone else at the meeting because I HAD NO IDEA WHO WAS AT THE MEETING. I don't have some secret crystal ball that tells me who is at every meeting. Anyone at the meeting could have contacted me to tell me their side of the things. Because, contrary to the lies posted on the boycott page -the story did NOT run the next day. It was two days later. If y'all can't even get that simple fact right, no wonder you can't get anything else right either.
  If there had been a factual error in my story, I wish people would have contacted me and given me information so that I could have written a correction or another story. Because, you see, that is how it works. But no one ever did. (contrary, once again, to things that have been posted) I received one email from a gentleman but he was more expressing his opinion of things than saying anything in the story was actually wrong.
  I'm not perfect and I've never claimed to be. I try every day to become better at what I do. I have devoted my life and my career to seeking the truth, educating the public, helping people, and trying to shine lights in dark corners. I'm not malicious (you are) and I'm certainly not corrupt. What a ridiculous assertion. Do you even know what that word means?!?
Frankly, it's appalling that I have to defend my honor to someone who regularly runs her mouth about things she clearly knows absolutely nothing about - such as building codes, development standards, and certificates of occupancy, and consistently makes libelous claims with no basis whatsoever.

April 29 at 11:45am • LikeUnlike • 1 person
   Sarah Campbell - Mr. Barrett, I'm sorry but I don't think you're a very good judge of professionalism. Or juvenile behavior. Why, you and your friends hide your faces - you hide behind photos so that the public can't even tell who you are, as you sit back a...nd tell all sorts of outrageous lies. Why is it that the only identifiable photo the public can see on your facebook page is of a building official in England? And to have the nerve to identify yourself as a Christian.
  As usual, everything in your post is wrong. There are not multiple people telling me I am wrong. Just you and Lisa. And forgive me but considering that you two tell outrageous lies and jump to ridiculous conclusions day in and day out, you're not very dependable sources. How can anyone believe anything you say when it's all ridiculous falsehood? And I've yet to hear any actual specifics of anything that was specifically wrong.
    But the most preposterous accusation of all is that I and the paper are "controlled by the local government/good ol boy network" Nothing could be further from the truth. If you'd actually educate yourself and pay attention, instead of coming up with crazy scenarios in your head, you would know that.
Exhibit A: a little place called Starship.

April 29 at 11:46am • Newnan Guide Whoa people lets slow down a little here with the name calling etc ! This is not really the place to post vents anyway they should be posted at where they can be moderated and all opinions will be able to be voiced but personal attacks will not be tolerated. Thank you all for contributing but be civil please.

April 30 at 12:50pm • LikeUnlikeMonica O'Riley Wrong again, Sarah. Wendy Bloedt called your paper and told them what happened - no retraction or correction. Wendy stood up at community meetings and announced in a lot of detail exactly what transpired and said you and your paper would no...t print a correction. It is my understanding that Mrs. Stover told you that you incorrectly attributed actions to her that did not happen and yet no correction ever showed up in the newspaper. I'd like to know. Have you ever contacted the Stovers and apologized for writing that trash? I'd also like to point out that on the Kingsbrooke subdivision issue, where the county completely screwed those people over, you incorrectly first reported that David Stover filed a complaint. Then you reported that his wife filed the complaint. Neither of them live in the subdivision and could not be the ones that were given an incorrect ballet. I know the person who did. The Stovers were trying to help them after going to the county and the county refusing to do anything about it.Yet you tried to make them the bad guys instead of pointing the finger at the county who was not fixing the problem. Oh, and before you blah blah blah about the county "fixing" the problem right away. Why don't you do some actual reporting and find out that the county has known about the problem since 2001.

May 2 at 8:40am • LikeUnlikeLisa Callen Yep, the residents of Kingsbrooke being given the wrong ballet should have been pretty big news, yet it wasn't. Residents have been complaining to the county since at least 2001. That is why a couple of streets/houses actually did get the r...ight voting ballet. The county already knew and had to change them because those residents wouldn't let it go. Every time a new resident caught on to what was really going on and made a new complaint, the county still feigned ignorance. Thank God it was brought up to the state level and made the county do what was right. Sarah, it is so obvious what you were doing with those articles - covering for the county and continuing your vendetta against the Stovers who were trying to do something right.

May 2 at 10:13am • LikeUnlikeKathy Stover I'd just like to go on record regarding Kingsbrooke. I have never been contacted by the newspaper or SFC for any kind of information or statement on the complaint. In addition, I have never been contacted by the newspaper or SFC for verific...ation or statements for any of the other times SFC has reported using my name. I have tried to get the newspaper to print corrections when actions were reported in error. They have refused. It is true that the problem with Kingsbrooke has been on-going for several years and other residents have complained previously. I am very disappointed that the Times Herald did not do a more thorough report on the issues instead of concerning themselves with who reported it to the State Election Board.

May 2 at 1:37pm • LikeUnlikeSarah Campbell What a surprise Mrs. Stover, to see such comments from you. I guess you don't remember our last conversation. I'll never forget it. As you were screaming at me, spewing falsehoods, and threatening me — instead of answering simple questions ...— you said "this will be the absolutely last time you get any information out of us." So I took you at your word. If you wanted to make any comments you should have contacted me. You certainly had ample opportunity at the SEB meeting.
   Not sure what you mean by "any of the other times" I used your name. Other than when I interviewed your husband, got screamed at by you, and coverage of the SEB hearing, I don't recall using your name.
   As for "concerning myself" with who filed the complaint, I'm not the one concerned about it. I simply wrote a story to update the information with the correct filer of the complaint. I wrote a longer story on the issue than I would have only because several commenters on the story, as well as everyone on the boycott page, were so adamant that the complaint was filed by a Kingsbrooke resident. Which, of course, you knew was not the truth. Why, even now some people (like Monica) seem to still be in denial about the issue.

May 5 at 2:53pm • LikeUnlikeKathy Stover I'll try and keep this professional and civil despite your tone, Sarah. As I remember, any conversation I had with you was after you already wrote and printed the article. You refused to print the correction. Basically, you didn't ask me fo...r any verification or even a statement before printing that article. You didn't print a retraction after you were told it was incorrect. You wrote what Randolph Collins told you to write. Bottom line is that I didn't do what you printed. The responsible thing to do would be to apologize instead of trying to defend your erroneous actions. Sarah, I really don't think you would be getting this backlash from the community that you have received if you would just conduct yourself properly in these matters. You bias and vendetta against myself and my family is very apparent. But your abuse of your power with the newspaper is what has set people off.

May 10 at 8:33am • LikeUnlikeKathy Stover To clarify the situation on Kingsbrooke, I believe there is some confusion on the complaint - who made the complaint and what is documented as an official filing. There are not one but multiple Kingsbrooke residents who complained. One in p...articular pursued the issue both with the county and with the state election board. I believe the state complaint had my name on it because I am the one who called asking for information on how to file. I was asked to find that information by the resident because she didn't have any idea on how to proceed. She - the Kingsbrooke resident - was interviewed by the state election board investigator, turned in a deposition on her experience with the county and her attempt to vote at the polls. We also spoke with the resident who complained to the county several years ago and the state election board documented that the county already knew of the issue though they failed to fix it back then. I believe that the course of action taken by the resident(s) was appropriate and I would do it all over again if given the chance or if I come across a similar situation. I am not sure if Sarah is speaking for herself or as an official spokesperson for the newspaper when she says that she wouldn't have normally given this issue much reporting. I would think that disenfranchising that many voters in a county election would have more interest.

May 10 at 8:55am • LikeUnlike • 2 people
Monica O'Riley Bless you, Kathy, for all your help. I am so sorry for the way they've treated you. The county and the newspaper obviously didn't want this information to get out. So many people have talked about this. It has shocked a lot of folks, made those who normally don't pay much attention sit up a bit

May 10 at 9:06am • LikeUnlikeLisa Callen I showed that article to a journalist friend of mine. She said it was clearly a case of 'outing the whistleblower' instead of outing the county for doing something wrong.

May 10 at 9:39am • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth Jonathan, It seems you have NO common decency when you express your opinions here on this page. Although it is your Constitutonal right to express your opinion. You have been simply been exercising another one of yours, the right to be an i...mbecile. You being an imbecile didn't cost anyone else property or time. It is your right, and you have exercise it BRILLIANTLY!! So, I guess that makes you just so extraordinarily SPECIAL, so get over Sarah Campbell and move on get a life out side of Facebook!!

Yesterday at 8:30am • UnlikeLike • 2 people
Campbell Elizabeth This also means you too,Kathy Stover !!! I guess you also think you are extraordinarily special to think you are above common etiquette, to slander people i.e. Sarah Campbell. May I suggest some night time reading, Emily Post's Etiquette Bo...ok! By the way, I voted for Blackburn and proud of it. I am very pleased. The reason I did not vote for your husband was because it seemed he was just a figure head and you were the one pulling all the strings. Just like on this page. Your husband, rarely says much but you are constantly posting about your husband. Can he not speak for himself?

Yesterday at 10:34am • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth By the way Kathy we all know you are really have brown hair and NOT blonde.....Keep on top of those roots when you are not constantly on Facebook!!! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Yesterday at 10:38am • LikeUnlikeDavid Stover ‎@Campbell Elizabeth, looks like you need to read the post a little more, Kathy does not speak about me, she only defends herself with regards to the actions taken in the Kingsbrooke situation. It seems you have an agenda here, not her.

Yesterday at 10:41am • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth ‎David Stover, Sooooo sorry I could not get right back to you but I do not live on my MAC nor do I keep my iPhone glued to my butt. SO, here we go! First, I find it funny that you don't seem to care about your wife's poor etiquette being ca...lled out, only the embarrassment of someone saying your wife runs things? I have read all the posts about the Kingsbrook situation, I just do not agree with Kathy Stover.Three words about life: It Goes ON!! GET OVER IT!! A AGENDA?? Really?? My only agenda is to give back to my community, to try and be like the narrator in Robert Frost's Peom "The Road Not Taken" The road that demands more of me. By choosing right through time and time, my life is more enjoyable and worthwhile. "And That Has Made All The Difference" And we ALL should "Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle."-? And yes as hard as it may be that means for me to try to be a little kind to Jonathan Barrett who can be very mean and rude! Have a nice weekend!!

23 hours ago • David Stover Sorry, after reading your attack on her I thought your 'etiquette' comment was a joke.

23 hours ago •David Stover BTW, in the future you should use your real name instead of switching it around: Anne Elizabeth Campbell - enough said I believe.

23 hours ago • Jonathan Barrett Wow! Really... Anne Elizabeth Campbell?
Your attacks prove that you really are just a ....bitch!
Enjoy your weekend!!!

23 hours ago • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth Maybe you can learn something here. Let's see. I have NEVER said my name was Anne Elizabeth Campbell. You got some bad info. But we can go on from here. Now,this is how things work for many people. Friends that are not my close friends and ...people I do not know call me Elizabeth, my first and formal name. My family and very close and old frinds call me Anne. This is not an uncommon in old New England Families. People you just meet or do not know well, most times do not call you by the same name as your family and close friends do because they do not know you as well. It is because it is a formal situation. Hench thats when I am call Elizabeth. And that is the name you should use!! Enough said about the Stover's etiquette. And by the way I rarely use "Anne" on FB, I doubt that you would have gotten that on your own, so I am thinking you had some help. You should know though, you had in the wrong order. Better luck next time when you are trying to look "smart" and have the last word!!! Now, CLASS DISMISSED!!

22 hours ago • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth ‎David Stover, BTW I do have a life and it is Friday and I am going to get my weekend and have some fun!! So any post you do, will just have to wait until Monday to be answered!!! Have a nice weekend!!!!

22 hours ago • Jonathan Barrett Wow, so you did switch your name around so that Campbell did not appear last. Seems to me your are splitting hairs with the Anne Elizabeth Campbell vs Elizabeth Anne Campbell.
Either way he is right, your last name is Campbell, enough said Anne! I shall call you Anne from now on my new friend Anne. Great to meet you Anne. Anne, have a great weekend!!!

22 hours ago • LikeUnlikeCampbell Elizabeth Hey John! You call me Anne again I will never answer you again. Because you are nothing more than more than the dirt I walk on. I do get called a BITCH often. What I do NOT get called is pushover, stupid, sweetheart, dear, or doormat. Works for me! And really the problem is my name??? Gee.....You know John, just because having been F**ked is no excuse for being f**ked up!! :>) Bye!!!!

22 hours ago • Jonathan Barrett Touchy, touchy, I guess you really don't have a life after-all since you have time to post again!

21 hours ago • Newnan Guide Thank you to everyone who has commented on this subject, I can tell a lot of you are really passionate about this. You are all welcome to express any opinion you want here after all that is that is the purpose of the vent. However I have as...k that everyone cut back on the name calling and personal attacks and some have persisted. At least one person will find they are no longer allowed to post here or on the vent website. I have no dog in this fight and this has nothing to do with their opinion but this type of behavior especially towards a lady is not going to be permitted here. This is the south after all

12 hours ago • LikeUnlike • 3 people

Campbell Elizabeth Thank You, Although I should not have used the F word. That was not very lady like of me. For that I apologize to ALL the Newnan Vent Readers. Please leave this Campbell from the Northeast alone and the Campbell from Newnan also alone, although, I believe she does not need me to stand up for her! It seems she has true Campbell Scottish blood in her. NE OBLIVISCARIS (FORGET NOT) Clan Campbell Motto

12 hours ago • Renee Lavender Shouldn't the above party be removed as well? It was just as bad.

2 hours ago • Newnan Guide I agree it was bad also but this was the first time I had to warn her and she has applogized for using the the language.

2 hours ago • Lisa Callen I agree. Ann Campbell, aka Elizabeth, launched a pretty hard personal attack, completely unwarranted against the Stovers, dropping the "F" bomb - that should get her banned. The Stovers never said anything against her or Sarah. They just a...nswered some questions that other people asked and they did it very politely unlike Sarah or "Ann" Campbell. I really think their comments are proof positive of their vendetta and abuse of, at least, Sarah's position. If anyone had any doubts, those have been put to rest.

2 hours ago •Lisa Callen She didn't apologize for the personal attacks. Those were completely unwarrented and smacks of the Campbell's personal agenda.

2 hours ago •Leesa Buchanan Bates WOW! I have had a 19 year old nephew and a 38 year old sister who killed themselves and now my very young brother has stage 4 cancer and may not make it...These are the issues that stay on my mind and heart..I dont know any of you but life is short and we are not promised tomorrow..I hope you all can get over this , get it resolved and move on..God Bless you all...

about an hour ago • LikeUnlike • 1 person
Campbell Elizabeth Yes, I have been warned. I take that very sereriously. Yes, there were personal attacks from boths side...not cool from either one of us. You guys are smacking me around early on a Saturday morning, basicly going for blood?? Really???..NOTH...ING satisfies some people here on this page. Oh well!!! It is truely none of my business what you think of me nor do I care because it does not define who or what I am. I have NO personal agenda here?!?!? Sarah CAmpbell had NO part in what I posted or in what I thought. Please do not try and drag Sarah Campbell into this because we share a last name. I mention her because I felt she was treated unfairly. Fact only. Once again, "the Campbell's" DO NOT HAVE A AGENGA TOGETHER!!!!! Lastly for all of you that are so "concern" about my name, try looking a little closer to someone else, like someone who uses only thier first, and uses their middle as thier last, so people will not know that they are related to certain people that are in and trying to stay in the political scene. It is one thing to have someone related to you support you, but much better if it looks like it is the avg. Joe. There is A LOT that goes on that is NEVER said in this Vent nor is it common knowledge.

about an hour ago • Campbell Elizabeth ‎Leesa Buchanan Bates WOW!!!! That puts things into perspective FAST!!! I wish I knew the right words....."They left me with your shadow, saying things like Life is not fair ...& I believed them for a long time. But today, I remembered the way you laughed & the heat of your hand in mine & I knew that life is more fair than we can ever imagine if we are there to live it "-StoryPeople I wish you all the best!! You are very right on this. Sorry for all the heart break you have had.....

about an hour ago
Monica O'Riley omg, the Campbell's have surely shown their colors. I hope it is clear to everyone now what Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, whatever they want to call themselves these days has done. Moderator, if you are banning, you know what you should do. Ann, personally attacked someone to that extent because you don't "agree" with them? That is the sole reason? Kick her off please. That just shows exactly what her character is like.

52 minutes ago • Campbell Elizabeth And David Stover should not be kicked off for his personal attackes???? At least I took responsibity for my. It was not cool. Get over it!! Move on!! It is in the past and I do not live there, if you want to go for it! AND FOR THE LAST TIME STOP WITH THE SARAH CAMPBELL AND ME!!! I have met her ONE time!!!! I truely do not understand what all the fasination is with my name.


  1. Thank you for moving this to archives. I hope we can move on and get on with our lives and be happy doing whatever each one of us does to do so!!!
    Canpbell, Elizabeth

  2. David Stover? Personal Attacks? Where??? He didn't. Another lie from you and the Campbell gang. Read through all of the posts. David remained civil and so did his wife despite your BAD etiquette and bad language and horrible personal attacks. This has been unprecedented in Coweta County politics. Never before has this county seen these old Newnan people go after a person, his family and his business with such destructiveness simply because he ran for local office and they were so scared he was going to beat them. I have never seen such horrible behavior from the old people of this county and I have never before seen the wife and family be attacked like this. What a new low for the county. The Campbell's should be ashamed.

  3. Oh wow - LC - come on. The only people who are attacking anybody are you and the rest of your hate filled bunch. There haven't been any "lies" from the Campbell gang - but you, O'Riley, and Johnathan Barrett Stover tell them day after day after day. I mean really - what kind of fairy land do you people live in?
    I have never seen such horrible behavior from anyone in my life as I have seen from Lisa Callen, Monica O'Riley and Joanathan Barrett. Or is it Jonathan Barrett Stover? They attack innocent people over and over and over again, with completely bogus lies.
    And to have the nerve to turn around and call other people the ones who are attacking? Really?
    What is unprecedented in Coweta politics is the behavior of the Stovers and their supporters.
    Hopefully anyone with any sense will see right through your ridiculousness.

    For crying out loud woman - get a life!

    As for the "Campbell gang" the two Campbells have absolutely nothing in common and nothing to do with each other, they just happen to have the same last name.
    No one should judge one based on the actions of the other.

  4. You Campbells have a weird judge of attacks after your language using the 'F' word and what you said about David's wife. No one said anything about your (Sarah's) personal appearance. I think you conveniently overlooked that part of your own crappy hate-filled behavior. Everything else that was said was in regards to the job that Sarah is doing which is subpar and corrupt. I noticed that there still hasn't been an apology - not in regards to the inaccurate news report, not in regards to the unfounded gossip and speculation that has been proven false, not to the personal attacks to him or his wife. I'll tell you one thing, I for one, will not stop speaking against Sarah and the newspaper until things change and neither will a whole host of others who have realized what is really going on. Have a nice day!

  5. I'm curious - what is this alleged "gossip and speculation that has been proven false?"
    And what alleged attacks against the Stovers have their been? Other than what Elizabeth Campbell said the other day, which was definitely uncalled for, inappropriate, stupid, and all manner of other things.
    But that pales in comparison to the personal attacks against Sarah, which are false. Especially the "corrupt" part. That's just total BS and either you know it, or you're being lied to by people who want you to do their dirty work for them. The same goes for anybody who thinks they have "realized what is really going on." You're being lied to and deceived. But not by the newspaper.

  6. Well, how about Sarah printing/speculating that David filed the Kingsbrooke complaint - false. Then had to print that Kathy filed it but conveniently not reporting that the issue had been on-going for the better part of a decade with those residents getting wrong ballots that entire time and not taking the time to interview any of the residents of the subdivision - the county election board knows who they talked to and what residents complained. Then there was the whole false reporting of the Canongate event where Sarah printed Collin's "version" without checking facts or eye-witnesses. The actions she reported proved to be false with Sarah printing that one person did things that another person actually did. Then Sarah's protest that she was "just covering the event" but she didn't really cover the event. She just printed what Collins told her to print - no other details on the event. That, sweetheart, is NOT COVERING AN EVENT like she claims. Sarah seems awfully fascinated with the Stovers for some reason. Dirty work? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the dirty work is and it was between Sarah Campbell and Collins trying to get his cousin elected. Sarah just doesn't realize she is being used by those Newnan good ole' boys who can't stand her and make fun of her behind her back.

  7. I don't have a favorite in this fight. I know Kett Harper. He was talking about working out of his house in that lake subdivision off Hwy 29. He didn't have a business license. No report was ever done there. Known Bob for years. He works out of his house, uses it as an official address. Doesn't have a business license. No news story there. I was a bit confused as to what all the stuff in the papers was talking about. Now I know. Seems fairly well one-sided against without fair reporting the other way to me. The reporter said didn't even know if there was one or not, just reported it like he done something wrong. Not right way at all considering. So I think that is probably under the heading of speculating.

  8. Actually BT - both Kett Harper and Bob Blackburn had business licenses. You only have to have one - either a home occupation or for a business address.

    But the Stovers didn't have one at all. The Cobb County business license office said there was no license. But the newspaper story never said there wasn't one - only that Cobb County had no record of it. That's not speculating. Saying there was not a license would be speculating.
    Then, Kathy Stover went and got a business license weeks later, paid the fines for not having one, and then they ran around showing the license off and trying to pretend they had had it the whole time. Pretty darn deceptive. But I guess that kind of behavior is OK.

    Whatever. Y'all folks are seriously messed up in the head.
    You jump all over somebody for what may have been a small mistake. But you sit around and tell all kinds of lies - with nothing to back them up but your own disturbed mind. Wow.

    Don't believe these yahoos who have no interest in the truth and are only out to deceive. It's funny people still say no eyewitnesses were interviewed about the Canongate story when David Stover was interviewed and quoted extensively in the story. When I read the story I thought Stover came off looking like the good guy and Collins looked bad. Not sure how anybody could get a different impression.

  9. The 2nd anonymous post said - What is unprecedented in Coweta politics is the behavior of the Stovers -

    My question is. What did the Stovers do? Other than David Stover running for local election against an old Newnan family, I haven't heard, read or seen anything that makes him other than civil. But I've seen a hot bag full of hate thrown at his direction to mention those comments towards his family. In his place, I wouldn't have been half as polite to Sarah the news reporter, Christy whatever her name is, and the other Campbells with someone talking about my wife that way.

  10. weeelll, not exactly on the business license rules. You have to have a license at every location that you conduct official business. I have a copy of Coweta business license rules and it clearly states that if you conduct business at a location, you have to have a license there. If you have 5 locations just in Coweta, you have to have a license for all 5 locations. I was required to have one for each of my locations. So Bob has one for one location, conducts business out of another that does not have a license. Kett has a license out of the county but has said on numerous occasions when he campaigned that he does most of his work at his house which does not have a license. Not only that, but Bob's family business, Blackburn Properties is located in Alabama yet sold millions of dollars (hospital land) which represents most of the revenue for the company, in Coweta. According to the business license rules, he would have had to have a license somewhere in the state of Georgia if the majority of revenue is generated in Georgia. Blackburn Properties does not have a Georgia license.

    David Stover's business has several business licenses in different locations around the state of Georgia, not just Cobb. He rarely conducts business in Coweta anymore and is often out of state. I know because I used to be a client and he helped me find a different company when he wasn't working down here anymore. That was a few years ago.

    But Sarah Campbell, I assume that is who I'm responding to,you printed Collin's accusations just a few days before an election. That gave him, what? a couple of days to pull his business information from different places, get it to you and you print that he actually had it? And then hope that people see it? You know how gossip goes. Once you put Collin's crap out there, it takes on a life of its own and no matter what you print after the fact especially so close to an election, it is damaging. You should know that and you shouldn't have done it. It was wrong and I really think you know it and that is why you keep going after David even though he has been pretty silent about what you did.

  11. Well, I have worked with JB for a number of years now, around 8 I think, and I can tell you that he is Jonathan Barrett and only Jonathan Barrett, nothing more. You guys assume too much on here. Your investigative skills are like a newspaper reporter's skills obviously.


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