Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Rudeness To Waitress

We tried a local restaurant downtown Newnan today and had a very good meal. The young girl who waited on us was learning the ropes of waitressing, and was very polite and pleasant. An older couple, probably in their late sixties, came in and sat near us. When their food arrived, the woman was rather rude to the waitress, stating, "i need these eggs fixed! This is NOT how I ordered them!" The young girl became nervous and flustered, and quickly came back with a new order of eggs. The older lady never said thank you or even made eye contact with the young girl. When the waitress stopped back later to check is everything was ok, the response she received was an irritated "mmmhuh". Lady, I hope you see this post, and I hope I never become the miserable person you are. Your action were low class and could have easily been handled in a polite manner, and had that been MY daughter you were speaking to in that manner, I would have probably purchased a rear seat tour of Greison Trail.       Ann

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