Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Sharpsburg Business Owner

In reply to vent regarding "the owner" of the shops in Sharpsburg is the one who has ruined the town.  Why would "the owner" want to ruin Sharpsburg??   He has promoted Sharpsburg all his life, his ancestors starting the town, and brought hundreds of people to shop in the town at the Spring and Fall Festivals.   This was great until the mayor found out that the government would give thousands of dollars to improve small towns.  He had no money to run "his" town so he hired staff and they got the grant.  Did he use the money to improve the town and help the people living there??  Such as sewage especially since the town's historic older buildings were built over a hundred years ago and cover the downtown and there is no place for septic tanks hence no toilets in the old post office, drug store, bank, etc.  No, he chose to beautify the city by ruining the "old town historic" look adding fancy sidewalks and cutting up the parking area so very few cars can park by the stores and ruining the entrances to residences.  Then, along come the ordinances that all shops must have handicap toilets!!!!  I wonder if they have to work??  Maybe the owner could just add them but say "out of order"????   So you see the mayor and his staff have a nice re-modeled office, drawing a nice salary to do nothing as there is nothing much to do in a "ruined town" but, hey, it is fun to put the blame on someone else.  By the way, "the owner"  cannot vote in Sharpsburg elections as his residence is out of city limits.

submitted by Bridges

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